At Hanmire we go the extra mile to make sure we deliver exactly what the customer requests. As expert trained tailors we know what questions to ask and details to note when understanding our customer’s lifestyle, style influences and requirements.
These details will be used and help us when we tailor your garments.

There are several processes we use to create a bespoke suit the traditional way. Each step of the process involves a dedicated craftsman that works on your clothes, Cutters, tailors, coat makers, trousers makers, waistcoat maker, presser and finisher. The level of passion, skill and detail our tailors put into each garment is a labour of love and evident in the results.


In your initial consultation with one of our tailors your requirements will be discussed and met with our best options available. Over 30 measurements and postural notations will be recorded for reference.

2. CUT

The cut is the most important element in our process. Specific to your body, we will adjust the pattern to create a balanced tailored suit. The pattern is then struck onto your chosen cloth and we cut it by hand.


Each of our tailors are masters of their craft. Over 60 hours of tailoring by several craftsmen is invested into each suit, the result is high quality garment with unparalleled comfort and fit only found in bespoke tailoring.


A baste fitting is a true hallmark of bespoke suit, the cloth and canvas is lightly stitched together to form the skeletal fit. After your first fitting, your suit will be recut and tailored to perfection through the forward fitting stages.


Good pressing (not to be confused with ironing) creates and sets the shape of a suit. It can take over an hour to press a jacket to shape, create and sustain its form.


Another hallmark of a bespoke suit is to have handmade functioning cuff buttonholes and lapel hole. In this final stage we hand stitch our buttonholes and add horn buttons to complete the garment.