Our trained artisans have mastered the art of tailoring, skills passed from 200 years of Savile Row tailoring heritage guarantee the quality we produce is world-leading. 

At Hanmire we provide you the choice to tailor your Bespoke clothes from thousands of cloth and design options. The value is in the skill of the craft, and the appreciation of time and effort taken to create your one-of-one garment. 

To cater for our many clients who are busy and strict on time. We cut and make our Bespoke clothing in London. Our cloths are delivered from our merchants in Huddersfield and Scotland, we can take on commissions for any type of occasion with speed and efficiency.  Our fresh, modern style is timeless and elegant.

The key elements to note:

bespoke 01
We draft and cut a paper pattern for your clothes and keep for future orders.
bespoke 02

You can specify your cloth, lining, buttons, threads and style preferences. The detail options are endless.

bespoke 03
You will have a baste fit suit for your first fitting, then forward fits.
The suit is hand cut and 80% hand stitched, the remaining 20% allows for major seams on the jacket or trouser by sewing machine.
bespoke 05
All our bespoke suits have a full canvas with hand-padded horsehair chest piece.
bespoke 06
On average we make our bespoke suits within a 8-10 week turnaround.